All processing is centralized in a single primary server, however, the application has the ability to have services on other servers, where a large number of users can enter even from other countries. Printing services and troquelación must be supported at the institutional level, so the correspodientes frames are sent.

Scope of our applications and services: Overall processing services ProfeCard offers revolve around our core systems that are in WEB environment and contemplate all products, all modules, all Services, highly parameterized and are aimed at all Business areas that result from an operation of issuing and acquiring cards.

Data center. Our data center is located in KIO Networks located in Panama Pacifico, before Howard basis of American, are data centers with world-class levels of availability of 99.999% range.



  • Authorization module transactions.
  • Everything related to parameterize:
    • Locks, activity limits, Fraud Alerts, Parameters for consumption, consumption Exceptions
  • These parameters will be considered in the process of approving or rejecting authorizations.
  • Request for manual clearances, it remains and is used by the central processor authorizations.
  • Shipments to the brands, and consultations in the Exception file cards.
  • Consultations activity limits and other parameters, Log’s Log’s Authorizations and Services.


This module credit card applications using a credit scoring system that has given. It also has settings for executive attention on the phases of the work flow approval.


  • Controls all logic part of system security, access, users, user profiles, offices, etc.
  • Creating new products or modules for the system.
  • All running on the system can be auditable audit when the box (S) is activated to record the unauthorized transaction.
  • When speaking of unauthorized transactions, it refers to the option menu or button, which is related to the execution of a task in the system.
  • Allows the entry of new catalogs or update own catalogs for credit card processing either Batch or online.
  • Labor and non-working days according to the calendar of holidays of each company are configured.
  • It holds consultations on system access, time-outs, log’s audit.

Credit Cards

  • Parameters:
    • Deferred, interest rates, billing cycles, card statements and accounts, Bins, Costs, format card number, Posts statement, renovations
  • Renewals, incentives, Management, applications
  • Check balances, this option sums up the credit card operation presenting information on creating and issuing plastic to transaction processing, behavior and maturity of the portfolio and general behavior of the account including loyalty, for 13 months.


  • For customers who are acquiring banks, this module presents everything related to income, configuration and maintenance of businesses or establishments.
  • Parameterization of committees outlets.
  • Settlements and payments to establishments
  • Settings
  • Overstock queries


  • Manages the collection of credit cards in accordance with portfolio allocations for periods of delay in various executives.
  • It allows determining the recovery and the effectiveness of the portfolio on the basis of the consultations at the level of detail, as summarized levels.
  • It should be noted that this module is only available in the web version.