Who we are?

Type of Business
Professional Card Processing Corp. (commercially known as "ProfeCard") is a subsidiary company of international standing Datapro Inc. company and is incorporated, organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of Panama with headquarters in the City of Panama, Calle 47 Marbella, Edificio Ocean Plaza (Torre Banesco), 24 Floor, Office 2406, its main objective is to provide card processing services to local and international companies, considering all the service areas.

Technological capabilities in their Human Resources
In ProfeCard have professionals and specialists in all areas of work, which are certified and have over 37 years experience in the industry having worked in several Cards International Groups of prestige and covering all areas from management, marketing, Product Design, Technology, Operations, Risk and Transaction Processing, the latter area, where we stand out from our competitors by having products at the forefront of the market and optimal quality, all these resources will be available to our customers in order to guide them and improve their products.

Provide both the private sector and local public and international value-added solutions, quality, reliable, economy, technology and constant innovation, to provide permanent satisfaction to our customer.

Being a company that delivers solutions and value-added services that benefit to and build strengthening our customers, providing services and solutions with high efficiency and quality, make us worthy of the trust of our customers.